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About Us

More than a farm

Braveheart Farm connects the love for horses with their ability to teach us about life, leadership, and happiness.

We don't just offer horse riding lessons, we offer a location for community events (contact us directly for options), photoshoots and filming with the horses, and create specific activities and camps for adults and kids around self-development as well as special programs for people with certain disabilities. 

What is the goal of BHF?

To change lives through the power of the horses.


What are our top three objectives?

1.  To use equine-assisted activities to improve the lives of underrepresented populations.

2.  To use equine-assisted activities to develop intellectual, emotional physical, and leadership skills in our participants. 

3.  To promote a healthy relationship between horses and humans.


What has BHF achieved?

-Provided experiences with both young and old to the Hispanic and diverse functionality population.

- Connected families to the horse experience and outdoor enjoyment.

-Created a leadership program for young individuals.

- Created a retreat space where families can enjoy nature, horses, and personal growth.


How will BHF reach future generations?

-Via families

-By offering open house opportunities to different communities.

-Through diverse communication options.  Currently able to communicate in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language


What are three things BHF does better than any other organization 

- We provide communication and services in diverse languages

- We connect equine knowledge with personal development

- We are forerunners in the 


What are our top funding needs in the next three years?

- Sponsorship for 60 families per year.

- Capital Needs - more stalls, land, and covered arena.

- Development of the retreat center -  space, teaching staff, materials

Meet The Founders

We love what we do and it shows. The founders of Braveheart Farm are a couple from Puerto Rico who with their daughters decided to create a new life for themselves in Florida and follow their passion for horses. 

The Team
Dr. Myrelis Aponte - Braveheart Farm - horse riding lessons in Loxahatchee near West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Myrelis Aponte

 Co-Founder & President

Dr. Myrelis Aponte is a renowned clinical neuropsychologist, author and coach who specializes in brain health and people with dissabilities. She applies much of her knowledge when creating the educational programs and special activities for self-development and individuals with special needs. 

Mike - Braveheart Farm - horse riding lessons in Loxahatchee near West Palm Beach, FL

Mike Hernández

Co-Founder & VP

Mike is a horse enthusiast with over 20 years in project and property management. Born and raised in the countryside in Puerto Rico his love for farm living and horses had led him to serve in this field with great commitment and passion.

Braveheart Farm - horse riding lessons in Loxahatchee near West Palm Beach, FL

Vicky & Valeria

Junior Consultants & Horse Enthusiasts

This is a family-managed non-profit and everyone works to take care of the horses and other animals in this farm. 

Vicky & Valeria decided to be homeschooled to be here all the time and are a huge part of this process helping care for the animals and train them. We couldn't do it without them.

The Board of Directors

Dr Myrelis Aponte, President

Ing. Mike Hernandez, VP 

Dr. Lourdes Allen, Secretary 

Sylvester Allen, Treasurer

Lisa Lowenberg, Equine Specialist Rep. 

Jazmina Ulmos and Axel Gonzalez - Diverse Functionality Family Rep. 

Braveheart Farm - horse riding lessons in Loxahatchee near West Palm Beach, FL
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